Dna Analysis


MB DNA Analysis  v.6.84

MB is a FREE software for DNA analysis. MB stands for MolecularBiological DNA Analysis. MB is a free Windows DNA analysis program. On other systems (Linux, Macintosh) it is possible to emulate the program.

QuickGene  v.1 3

QuickGene is a molecular biology program for DNA analysis, assembly and cloning. We scientists deserve decent, modern software that doesn't require manuals or training courses to learn to use and that's where QuickGene comes in.


SLR (Sitewise Likehood Ratio)  v.1.0

Small DNA analysis tool. SLR (Sitewise Likehood Ratio estimation of selection) is a software to detect sites in coding DNA that are unusually conserved and/or unusually variable (that is,

GCK  v.2.5.13

Gene Construction KitO brings intuitive productivity to the molecular biology researcher's MAC, allowing effortless manipulation of DNA - either graphically or as sequence text.

IMethy  v.1.0.2

iMethy for investigation and visualization of DNA methylation by high-throughput bisulfite sequencing. DNA analysis made easy.Firstly, it holds the command-line pipeline to align the bisulfite-treated short read,

BVTech Plasmid  v.

BVTech Plasmid is DNA plasmid drawing software.Ii is free software.You can use it to draw circle or linear plasmid map with double strands or single strand.

PDRAW32  v.1.1.110

pDRAW32 lets you enter a DNA name and coordinates for genetic elements, such as genes, to be plotted on your DNA plots.

ModFit LT  v.3.0

ModFit LT follows the proud tradition of its predecessors - innovative features and unmatched flexibility to analyze even the most difficult DNA patterns.

Mahjongg Investigation Under Suspicion  v.1.0

Organized crime is taking over Metro City. As a detective in the 83rd precinct you must use your Mahjongg skills to unearth clues and bring the criminals to justice.

VisualSniffer  v.

VisualSniffer is a powerful packet capture tool and protocol analyzer (ip sniffer or packet sniffer) for Windows system.

TestDNA  v.1.0

Create FCS histograms with this program. TestDNA help you generate FCS histograms of cell cycle data with known component values.

FCS File Mixer  v.1.0

Merge FCS listmode files with this tool. FCS File Mixer enable you to merge 2 or more FCS listmode files into a new,

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